No Win No Fee Lawyer-A Closer Look

Former cabinet minister Lord Young has recently rattled a few lawyers cages with his report on “no win no fee lawyers” Blaming them for a rise in the ‘blame culture’ that seems to permeate every sector of society in the United Kingdom and elsewhere at the present time. Television and newspaper advertising is full of it. Employers and local authorities tremble at the sound of it, the cry “where there’s blame there’s a claim” rings out whenever anyone stumbles over a loose kerb stone or a slippery floor. It has become more and more expensive for an employer to ensure themselves against this type of claim as the lawyers encourage more and more of the populace to sue for compensation for the smallest injury.

A fair assessment? Well the British government seems to think so. The recent paper by Lord Young is part of a total review by UK Prime Minister David Cameron who is determined to ‘bring to heel’ the excesses of the health and safety executive. Announcing this recent review in June Mr Cameron described the rise of “compensation culture” and the application of health and safety regulations as a “real concern”. “We need a sensible new approach that makes clear these laws are intended to protect people, not overwhelm businesses with red tape.”investigate this siteĀ no win no fee solicitors review.

Is it right to claim compensation for injuries sustained at the workplace? Well to answer that you will need a lawyer! However the question does make an important point. There is a real fear now that people who have been unfortunate enough to suffer a terrible injury through some work related accident, or who have fallen through a manhole in the road because the cover was left open. These unfortunates could feel themselves ‘demonised’ if they even suggest suing someone for negligence. This in my opinion is simply wrong and is not what the whole reform is about. The whole reform is about sorting out the abuse within the compensation system, rather than the system itself.

No win no fee lawyers have certainly got a load of bad press lately, unless you count the applicants who have claimed for and received compensation! This is the other side of the coin, but since they are by the nature of things in the minority their voice may not be heard as loudly as the naysayers, who I would guess have never had to claim for an injury!

Finally: If you have suffered an injury due to incompetence or bad work conditions it may well be correct to seek the advice of a “no win no fee lawyer”. If that is the case then be sure to check that there is indeed no fee. Although ‘ no fee’ should mean just that if you lose the case, you may well find a fee of up to 30% of the amount awarded on a successful claim. Keeping in mind that you may also incur legal insurance fees on top, it is well advised to check out the small print before you employ the services of a lawyer.